Tuesday, June 7, 2011

what do you mean, I'm "not scheduled"?!?

January 5, 2011 at 8:03pm
Apparently I only "thought" I'd been scheduled for surgery for Friday when I last encountered a person-other-than-receptionist at my doctor's office.  Much to my surprise/dismay when I called today to find out how much moolah they were going to demand before Friday's procedure, I was informed that I wasn't even on the schedule.


No really, What the FUUUUU?

Tears ensued.

Office manager promised to take care of it -right then- and call me back.

I lost it.  A bunch.

I mean, Peter already requested the time off at work - and changing that is worse than pulling teeth out of an angry, charging rhinoceros.

I hung up and waited.

Office manger called insurance company, got pre-approval for Friday.  Found out our portion that would have to be paid up front (ouch!) and actually called me back!

We had to drive into town to pay the money, have to go in to the dr's office at 8:15am with a list of questions for the doctor, then to LakeShore at 9:30 with a list of medications for pre-op blood draws and instructions.  The hospital staff will tell me tomorrow what time I need to show up on Friday.

So... Friday it is.  January 7, 2011 - the day life starts getting better.  I'll be having all the problematic bits removed.  Without those bits causing the perpetual blood loss, my body will be able to build up hemoglobin levels again - and that will stop the shortness of breath and gasping - which will stop the bronchial spasms - which will stop the chest pains - which will put life back on track.

I'll be in hospital until Monday (most likely) and then recovery is 7 to 8 weeks.

Thank goodness. (and yes, it's about freakin' time!)

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