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moving and school

November 9, 2010 at 11:15pm
Peter had 2 days off in a row, and my doctor's appointment isn't until next Tuesday, so we decided this would be the best time to take care of those pesky loose ends.  Monday we drove to Tallahassee and started packing up my room in Beth's condo.  Tuesday we spent the morning on campus, talking to my professors about my intention to do a medical withdrawal from my classes this semester.  Part of the process is requesting "incomplete" status from the professors, so I did that.  My 18th Century British novel instructor responded with a quick "permission granted, what do I need to do?" - we'll work out details of my finishing up the work later.  Then she proceeded to grumble at me about my being there at all when I should have been home resting, insisted that I keep her posted on my progress and wished me a speedy recovery.  19th Century British novel - it is in my best interest to withdraw.  20th Century American novel - I did not see the professor, but will talk to her via email and suggest that it is in my best interest to withdraw.  Senior Seminar - offered me the incomplete, but with hesitation - because of the nature of the class - so we decided I'd withdraw.

This works in my favor because it leaves 3 classes for me to take - which is a full load for a summer session and would therefore give me full financial aid for that time.  Plus it gives me one class that I can concentrate on exclusively while I'm on the road to recovery, and that will both help keep my brain sharp and distract me from some of the nastier things going on.

I'm completely satisfied with the outcome on this front.  Now I have to call to take myself off the graduation list and fill out & submit the medical withdrawal forms.

Health-wise I'm in a sort of stasis right now.  I cannot have the necessary surgery until I'm cleared by the pulmonary specialist.  I cannot return to school until I've had the surgery.  I hope to finally have a name to put to this disease next Tuesday when I have my next doctor's visit.  She is assessing so many things in regard to my health - the immune disorder angle, thyroid function, my asthma, allergies, my anemia, my tachycardia and high blood pressure and of course the ever-present depression and anxiety.  She has her hands full, but I trust that she'll keep me on the right track.

Meanwhile, Peter is looking into adding me to his work insurance during the upcoming open enrollment - so I won't have to deal with insurance through the school - which may end if I'm not actively taking classes.  It's just one more thing to juggle along with the pills, sprays and inhalers.

Still, every day is a chance for another step in the right direction.

The Medical Withdrawal paperwork arrived today. (Thank you Pam!)  Unfortunately, going through the process for this would mean being completely separated from the university - which will end my health insurance.  I did a little more research and it appears that it will be better for me to take the "F" grades in the three classes where I did not get an Incomplete.  My GPA will still be average high enough for graduation, even with the 3 F's.  It hurts my pride to do this, but I know it is what I need to do.  Thank goodness I have a GPA that will be forgiving enough with these harsh dings.

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