Tuesday, June 7, 2011

into the New Year!

January 4, 2011 at 4:09pmTo start off the new year, we made a trip to Tallahassee on the 3rd.  The schedule for the day was: pay bogus charge on school account so hold would be lifted, get books for online classes, have delicious chinese food, return home by early afternoon since Peter had to be at work by 7am the following morning (also my first day of class).

The day actually went like this:
I slipped and fell on the stairs while leaving the house, bumping my buttocks on three steps before landing mere INCHES away from dog poo on the cold, wet ground.  Fun stuff.  Not seriously injured.  Not disgustingly dirty. Onward!

Peter drove to Tallahassee.  I slept.  Did I mention that we're battling head colds with sinus congestion? Yeah. Mine causes fun stuff like random harfing... had to make Peter pull over shortly after we got on the road so I could harf.  Yay. Fun. (Not.) Peter's causes snoring.  No matter what position he sleeps in... he snores.  He snores loudly enough that the dogs wake me up to try to get me to make him shush.  Nothing works.  Therefore I did not sleep much the night before the trip... thus he drives, I sleep.

Stopped at local convenience store for gasoline and pseudo-breakfast.  Mine: gardetto's snack mix and a sprite.   His: bear claw and a coke (I think it was coke, not sure).

Onward!  I wake up noting that we're at the first exit for Tallahassee.  Mkay, I have about 5 more minutes to sleep, no worries. *zonk*

I wake up and note that we are now exiting the interstate... in Gadsden. Wha? Yep, passed by all the Tallahassee exits... then spent a lovely 10 miles (really, it's rather picturesque in places) on hwy 90 going back to Tally from Gadsden.  No worries.

Spend several circuits of the stadium/university center trying to figure out where we're supposed to go for financial aid - because with the new bus stops completed everything looks different.  Finally figure it out, park, head inside.

Peter slips and almost falls going UP the stairs to go inside.  No injuries, but we decide that since I fall down them and he falls up them, we should hold hands on any future staircases to balance each other out.

Financial Aid Lady: Can I help you?
Me: I have a charge...
FAL (interrupts): do you have your FSU card?
Me: (hand it over, lady swipes it, hands it back) So its a charge...
FAL (interrupts again): the $20 charge? Do you want to pay that now?
Me: Well, yes, but can you tell me when it was incurred?
FAL: We have no idea. That will be $20.
Me: Can you tell what it's for?
FAL: All I know is it posted from Thagard (Medical Center, which I did not visit at all last semester) (her hand out for the $20)
Me: (hand over the cash) Well, how can I find out?
FAL: you'll have to contact Thagard. We have no idea. (cash vanishes, types, receipt prints)
Me: So if after I contact them it is determined that this is not a valid charge...
FAL: (interrupts yet again) it will be credited back to your account (looking to next person in line and nodding for them to come forward)
Me: Oh.  Okay then. (depart)

Fun with financial aid!


Go to parking lot. Get in truck. Turn key. Lights, heater, no start. Grrrr.  Peter determines that something is wrong with the ignition lock cylinder or starter.  I call for assistance...

Beth shows up (with Maddie! Hi Maddie!) and takes us to Advance Auto Parts.  They don't have the part.  They suggest hot-wiring the truck and fixing it later.  *eye roll*  Peter calls other parts houses.  O'Rileys has the parts.  We go to O'Rileys.  Get parts, have tools from Advance, back to truck.  Beth drops Peter off at truck, me off at bookstore... multitasking for the win!

Phone rings.  Peter: the bits aren't long enough, can't get to the parts to fix truck.

Pamela shows up! Yay! Pam takes me to Peter, takes us to nearby Auto Zone (we've now hit one each of the big 3 parts stores), Peter gets longer tools.  Pam takes us back to truck and stays with us until it starts.  Yay!

Quote of the day:
(truck starts)
Peter: OH Crap!
Me: What's wrong?
Peter: The buzzer (for the door) isn't going off! Something's Wrong!
Me: Uhm... (pause)... the... door... is... open.
Peter: (reaches out and pushes the button that signals the door is closed, buzzer goes off)
Me: (choke back giggle)
Pam & I: (give up and giggle)
Peter: (forehead to steering wheel) nevermind.

To the bookstore!  Three books and a piece of software.  Ba da bing.  We get a cashier who has been working there 2 days.  As in, this is her second day. No worries.  She rings in the books, asks if one of them is new or used, I say I think it's new - it looks new, it has no used sticker... she agrees, taps a few keys, scans it again and goes on.  Guy comes to help her with deferment. Sign here... total is $488. YIKES! But I sign, we go.  All the way to the 5th level of the garage we're talking about $488 for three books and a piece of software.  Peter looks over receipt.  Yeah.  105, 105, 109, 99, 38... with tax, etc. $488.  Wait, what?  Reads it again.  I take it.  I got double charged for a book (the one she wanted to know used status on).  Ok, back down to the bookstore.  Enter. Explain problem to greeter.  Greeter signals guy behind counter. Explain problem to him. He points to end of counter. Go see him.  Ok. Get in line. He swaps out with a her, no worries. She looks at receipt... ack! type type type. fixes. here, fill this out.  scribble scribble scribble. Ok, it won't show up on your deferred charges. Whew.  Back out and up to the 5th level of the parking garage.
In elevator with family group. Dad, Mom, Daughter. Daughter is upset because Dad used her cash instead of her paycheck money to pay for books.  Dad getting agitated, voice goes low and dangerous.  Note that Mom has some fresh and some partially healed bruising on side of head.  Mom calmly says to daughter that daughter really didn't need that new CD and stuff anyway.  Daughter fuming. Dad about to go off.  Doesn't push elevator button for floor.  Mom asks quietly: What floor did we park on.  Dad glares at her. She goes quiet.  I decide it's time for a little intervention before someone gets hurt.  So I crack a joke as I push 5 for our floor. 5, last floor before the level open to the sky. And give a grin to Dad.  He relaxes by a fraction, makes comment about full parking levels.  I agree. People relax a little.  Mom shoots me somewhat relieved look.  Daughter still fuming, but quietly.  We all get out on 5. No one gets hurt.


Food. Must have food. Nearing 2pm, tummy hurts and is queasy, but dang it... delicious chinese food awaits.  We go to nom.



Drive home.  Stop at Mom's. Chitchat. Go home. Nom leftover pizza. Sleep.

Wake up shortly after - violently ill. Lovely.

Go back to sleep.

And now today!  The 4th! First day of school!

3 of my 4 classes are online and running.  I have done the check-in for all 3 along with the first assignments for 2 of the 3.  Third class requires more reading before I can do an actual assignment... but I'm all caught up - actually through the end of next week, so it's all good.

Call Doctor's office about surgery scheduled for Friday.  Am told that the office manager "has to wait until the first of the year to get in touch with the insurance company to get revised schedule of payments"  I mention that I'm scheduled in for the 7th.  Am told that she "knows nothing about when I'm scheduled, but will have office manager call me" I ask if she'll call within the next day or so. Am told that she "isn't sure when (office manager) will call." I remind her that I can only get calls at Mum's - go to give her my number and she ASKS FOR MY NAME.  Ok, how the heck was she going to tell the office manager to call me and how the heck did she know that the hold up was my insurance if she didn't even know WHO I WAS?"  Holding down my irritation, I give my name - spelling it out - and Mum's number... slowly. carefully. with controlled breathing.  And respectfully ask that (office manager) call me as soon as possible to confirm that I am in fact scheduled for surgery on the 7th, because I don't know if I have any pre-op stuff I have to do or not.  ARRRRRRGH!

People, stop toying with me.  Tell me the price.  Give me the time to show up.  Let me know what I have to do beforehand.  And let's get this show on the road!

I'm a teensy bit frustrated.

Oh.  And the course that says it uses Excel 2010... for which I bought a $99 software package and a book that explicitly says "Excel 2010"... actually uses 2007.  *headdesk*  But 2010 will "work"

Ima watch a little mind-numbing television now. kthxbai.

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