Tuesday, June 7, 2011

pre-op = admission

January 6, 2011 at 2:25pm
Went to the dr's office for pre-op stuff this morning.  They did a hemoglobin check.  It was at 6.7 (should be 40-ish)  so now I'm already in the hospital, getting 3 units of blood today and tonight so I can have the surgery in the morning.

I'm in room 4140a.

I can't reach the phone, so don't call. LOL

I'm also getting the gremlin treatment:  no direct sunlight (drapes are pulled, can't get to them), don't get me wet (I can shower 24 hours after surgery) and no food after midnight (and clear liquids only until then)

The good news: if all goes according to plan, I'll only have to stay on the IV for tonight and tomorrow.  The not so good news: I'll be in the hospital until at least Monday.  The odd news: IV delivered benadryl is a freakin' woozy knock-out drug that hits within moments.

Update:  GoLYTELY is not as icky as it could be, but it does taste something like stagnant water (that has harbored stale gym socks).  4 liters of the stuff needs to be ingested (and divested) before midnight. Whee.

Orange gatorade makes a decent chaser.

Additional update:  Slice and dice is scheduled for 9:15 (ish) in the morning.  Whoot!

Yet another update:  I'm now on the 2nd of 3 units of blood.  Feeling a little vampiric.

Dinner should arrive in half an hour or so.  "Dinner" does not usually equate with: cup of bitter tea (with lemon!), cup of boiling water (with nasty beef flavor packet!), 2oz of 15% cranberry juice (from concentrate!) and a small cup of jello.  At this point, I'll take what I can get.

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