Tuesday, June 7, 2011

new perspectives

November 2, 2010 at 7:26pm
I saw the new doctor today.  The good news is: she's fantastic!  She listens, asks good questions, takes her time and seems genuinely invested in finding out what is wrong with me.  The bad news is: she's filling in for another doctor while that doctor is out on maternity leave - when she returns, this doctor is gone.

Still, I have hope that we're working this out.  She changed the medicine I was taking for allergies to one that is for both allergies and asthma.  She gave me an attachment for my inhaler that helps keep the propellant out of the airway and get the medicine in - so perhaps I won't gag whenever I use it.  She changed me back to the Ventolin inhaler instead of the Combivent - to see if I have some relief with that. (It was working before, but was changed by the prior doctor.)  She refilled my blood pressure meds and my paxil.  I still have to use the nasal spray and take the iron pills, but that was expected.  She's fine with my herbal supplements - so I'll be continuing those.

I nearly passed out during the deep-breathing portion of the exam.  I got light-headed, then had a horrible coughing fit and became so dizzy she ended up making me lie down for awhile before finishing the sitting-up portion of the exam.

She gave me a referral to a pulmonary specialist to check my lung function and all the associated things.

And I have a referral to a gyn to see about the necessary surgery - but I'm not cleared for surgery yet since my breathing and infection problems are still up in the air.

She sent me for some fairly extensive blood work (thank goodness for gentle phlebotomists)... one 16 gauge stick and 5 vials (or was it six? it went rather quick)  In addition to rechecks on the wbc and hemoglobin, I'm having diabetes and thyroid workups, testing for immune disorders in general... and for three specific ones that she believes may be involved (singularly or together)... Sarcoidosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus.

(Dr. House is not real. Sometimes it IS Lupus.)

Now, I'm to remain calm and get rest... take my medications... see the specialists... and go back to this doctor on the 18th.   At that point we will evaluate if I am able to have the needed surgery.

And, that's where we are today.

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