Sunday, September 18, 2011

when did all of this happen?

It's been a little stressful around here lately.  And by stressful, I mean that I've been sick again.  Sick as in gastro-intestinal distress coupled with an unhealthy dose of blood leaving my body through various orifices. 

For some reason, that word looks like it should be pluralized as "orifi" but maybe that's just me.

The illness means that I missed another day of school which has me bummed a little.  What irritates me more, however, is that one of my professors decided that we should have a spiffy little writing assignment due on Tuesday and chose today (Sunday) to send out an email reminding everyone -- or surprising the heck out of those of us who missed last Thursday.  The assignment isn't difficult.  It's simply annoying.  The syllabus says two papers, two exams, a few note-taking and posting assignments and occasional reading quizzes.  I realize that the instructor thinks of these little surprise writing assignments as reading quizzes.  I just can't agree with him on this point.  Don't call writing assignments "quizzes" when you also hand out actual quizzes which are done during class.  I guess it's just one more thing to put on my "don't do this" list for when I'm finally teaching a class of my own.

Meanwhile, September snuck up on me again this year.  September holds such diverse holidays as Peter's Mum & Dad's anniversary, Peter's Dad's deathday, his sister's birthday, his dad's funeral anniversary and his birthday.  Of those, I'm most concerned about the birthdays.  The rest, well, they happen and we deal with them as they come.  But birthdays.  Birthdays get me every time.  Peter's sister is awesome.  I love her beyond belief.  She's a strong, independent woman.  And being a strong, independent woman, there's not much she needs or wants that she cannot get for herself.  Birthday present.  I could go with the typical card and a gift card, but I'd rather do something / get something for her that she will remember and enjoy.  She's older than I am by five months.  It shouldn't be so difficult to come up with ideas. 

To top that off, Peter's birthday comes just two days later.  I definitely have no clue what to get him.  I'm thinking of making him an outfit.  In fact, I'm pretty sure that's what I'll be doing for him.  It might not be on time... but it will be special.  Still, it adds to the stress level.

And then it hits me.  September already.  Next month is October.  October.  Easily my favorite month during the year.  I mean it has Samhain / Hallowe'en.  Definitely my favorite holiday.  Which also happens to be our anniversary.  Ten years, this year.  How will we be celebrating?  Well, we won't.  That's a little harsh -- let me explain.  On our anniversary we will be driving back from Miami because Peter's sister is getting married on the 30th.  We'll be leaving Friday, cooking for the family and friends Friday night, meeting all of her fiance's family Saturday, going to the wedding Sunday and driving back Monday.  Tuesday I will be back in Tallahassee at school.  No time to celebrate.

Did I mention that we're driving down with Peter's Mum?  And seven chihuahuas?  This is the difficulty of having four-legged furred family members.  It should make for an interesting ride, though.  We'll be staying at the home of a lady who has moved out (mostly) to live with her significant other... a friend of Peter's sister.  It's very sweet of her to let us use her home for the weekend.  Part of my stress has been trying to arrange either puppy-sitting or accommodations that allow seven dogs.

Oh, and having a mouse jump on my head whilst in the bathroom on Saturday?  That was stressful, too.

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